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- Research cuts will create 'brain drain'
- Physicists get close-up view of graphene
- Kiwi pigeon key to tree survival
- Five new Alzheimer's risk genes found
- Earth-sized planets orbit distant star
- Primordial dust forms cosmic fairy floss
- Study finds industry CO2 output rising
- Humanised cow's milk has cloudy future
- Natural defence could fight nasty gut bug
- 'Fertility switch' points to new treatments
- Colourful surprise in cockatoo's tree
- Study suggests Earth survived near miss
- Music can't wake an achy breaky heart
- Bacteria's fertility secrets exposed
- Space probe to play asteroid billiards
- Climate change 'shrank people and economy'
- Radiation from airport scanners 'very low'
- Astronomers find comet full of fizz
- Call to strengthen Antarctic mining ban
- Deep oceans may mask global warming
- Inbreeding key to bedbug revival
- Mystery factor clouds climate science
- Team drills into Antarctic subglacial lake
- 'Star Wars' planet found
- 'Tempest from hell' seen on Saturn
- Warming threatens penguin food supply
- Some wasps learn never to forget a face
- Ocean floor contains '21st-century gold'
- Freak wave probability higher than thought
- Eyes give insight into evolutionary arms race
- Robotic Insects Make First Controlled Flight
- Waltzing Matilda highlights unique dementia
- Hairs on bat wings aid flight
- Fossil hints at origins of Ice Age giants
- Study reveals why diet may slow ageing
- Herpes contagious without symptoms
- An Anarchic Region of Star Formation
- Pristine Big Bang gas found
- Survey finds not all meteors the same
- Milky Way hangs by a cosmic thread
- Mega-quake clusters unlikely: study
- Ningaloo manta rays under threat
- Three 'types' of human gut bacteria found
- Secret to mussel's strength exposed
- Visionary scientists grow proto-eye
- Lifestyle could change your jaw shape
- Shape-shifting material reacts to radiation
- Beams of electricity zap fires
- High-fat food triggers diabetes master switch
- Urine-loving bug churns out space fuel
- Electron freedom could spark new computing
- Memory finding may help brain research
- Laser pushes data speed to new limits
- New haul includes Earth-like planet
- Trojan asteroid discovered in Earth orbit
- Sweet spot for life's chemistry discovered
- Higgs boson: Have they found it?
- Experts claim dark energy is real
- Sth America's oldest predator fossil found
- Scientists map humble spud's DNA
- AFL recruits risk injury in tough game
- Kepler team finds 11 new solar systems
- Malaria toll far higher than thought
- Loss of pain and smell has a genetic link
- Warmer nests make smarter lizards
- Lack of Sun may have led to Mozart's death
- Study finds how nicotine keeps weight off
- Astronomers discover planet made of diamond
- Rare multiple star system discovered
- First teeth grew outside of the body
- Gastric surgery changes metabolism: study
- Tired new dads a safety risk: study
- Mercury's origins may differ from sisters
- Humans hardwired to tune into animals
- Cultured people happier, less stressed
- Comets seen in a brand new light
- Crabs use stats to dodge predators
- Scientists create new type of painkiller
- Mangroves excel at storing carbon
- Dead stars feeding off the living
- Miracle fruit's trippy effects explained
- Early stars had a fast spin cycle
- Older brains less nimble at multi-tasking
- Calculating wrens invest in their future
- Oldest flying insect fossil find
- Discovery reveals how cells AMP up
- Pluto bulging with carbon monoxide
- Churning galactic gas revealed
- Scientists study 'hammock' effect on sleep
- Jaw design 'locked in' 400 million years ago
- Experiment shows time travel impossible
- Scientists predict rare solar hibernation
- Study casts doubt on forest carbon capture plans
- Illusion shakes vision science theory
- Global photosynthesis faster than thought
- Cambrian predator had killer eyes
- Viking 'sunstone' more than a myth: study
- High food prices driving unrest: study
- Solar guru receives Australia Day honour
- Waratahs warm to climate change
- Scan reveals how brain processes jokes
- DNA discovery may boost stem cell safety
- Robotics scientist recognised for research
- Lantana fuels rainforest fires
- Bubble helps spider live a life aquatic
- Sugarcane fuel cools Brazil's climate
- Japan quake struck small zone of fault: study
- Coffee's cancer reducing effect explained
- Rings around the planets not so rosy
- Boas know when to ditch their squeeze
- Crab's heart pulsing stronger than expected
- Biomarker research is often exaggerated
- Calculating crows know how to wait
- Researchers develop electronic 'tattoo'
- Tree rings show extreme weather on the rise
- Parasite diet key to tackling disease
- Ice age animals not wiped out by humans
- Asteroid dust reveals meteorite origins
- King crabs on Antarctic march
- SETI will survive cuts says astronomer
- Scientists start 'stem cell zoo'
- Sea sentinels placed on climate watch

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